Daily Pick, Books: The Hunger Games

If you are the other person who has not yet read the hunger games trilogy, this is your chance to join the other seven billion people who have.  I have to admit that I do not understand the fascination with this series – it sounds depressing to me – but since theaters were full this past weekend ($155 million dollar opening, reportedly), I must be missing something.  In any case Amazon is offering a boxed collector’s edition of the trilogy at a decent price of $31.57.  The Kindle edition (not a boxed set, obviously) is only $19.  This boxed set are hard cover books, not cheap paperbacks.  Though if you just want to read the books, they start at just $5 a piece for used paperbacks.  The boxed set will ship free with the super-saver shipping.  If you are anxious and want two-day shipping, if you join Amazon Prime for $75 you can get free 2-day shipping on this and all future orders for a year.  It is a good deal if you want 2-day shipping and order frequently from Amazon.

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