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Geek Squad The technicians I have had contact with have been knowledgeable and helpful. They are one of the best support organizations I have dealt with.

I have found Best Buy to be one of the better consumer electronics stores in terms of price, quality, and ease of dealing with. We have purchased several small appliances and our current TV from them. When we had a problem with our microwave just a few weeks before the expiration of the extended service agreement, they replaced it with a new one.

Save on Painter 11 + Wacom Pen Tablet Bundle!Corel Products are excellent in my opinion.  I have used Word Perfect at home for almost twenty years.  The latest office product, WordPerfect X5 includes its flagship Wordperfect word processor, spreadsheet  program Quattro Pro, and Presentations as its PowerPoint presentation offering.  I much prefer Wordperfect to MS Word.  The major advantage is that it reveals all the mark-up code so that you can avoid situations like you often run into with MS Word where you try to reformat part of a document and get screwy results because you may not be highlighting some hidden code.  I am also in the process of switching from Adobe Photo Elements to Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3.  Although I like Photo Elements and recommend it for casual photo hobbyists, Photo Pro is also inexpensive but more powerful.  I encourage everyone to check out these products and others that they offer.

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