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Project Management Institute LogoPMI is one of the most important advocate of project management in the world.  They have defined and standardized PM methodologies and created a rigorous certification program.  PMI publishes the primary reference book for project management methodology,  the Project Management Book of Knowledge or PMBOK® as it is commonly known.

Anyone involved in project management must become familiar with the Project Management Institute’s website.  Here you will find reference articles, news, classes, and other information to help enhance your knowledge of project management and effectiveness as a practitioner. If you are new to project management and have not yet visited this site, I encourage you to visit it today.

Microsoft Project is the most popular project management software, used by more companies and more project management professionals than any other. Its has so many features that it can take years to master them all, bu the interface is relatively straight forward and easy to use, so that one can pick up basic functions immediately and then spend one’s time learning the fine points of the program. I have used MS project for nearly twenty years and have found it to be an essential tool for creating and tracking project schedules, team members, resources, and cost.

One of MS Project’s weaknesses is in creating really useful reports for communicating project status to team members and business managers. PMPackage LogoPMPackage® addresses this missing project governance piece. From Wikipedia, “project governance [provides] a decision making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern an organization’s capital investments. In this way, an organization will have a structured approach to conducting both its business as usual activities and its business change, or project, activities.” FuturePath, LLC, has created PMPackage® to accomplish this that is value-driven and proactive to maximize ROI with your company’s limited resources. This package will run on either Windows XP or Windows 7 (either 32-bit or 64-bit). It is designed to run seamlessly with either MS Office 2007 or MS Office 2010 and will work with Office 2003 with a compatibility package.

PMPackage® replaces MS Project. It includes all the cost, scope, milestone, material, HR, and communications management features needed to manage a project. It also provides dashboards, activity diagrams, and Gantt charts. Project charter and project plan forms are included to guide the project manager through these important project components as described in the PMBOK. The learning curve for this package is very quick. It uses a spreadsheet-based interface that is easily configured for your needs. Since nearly everyone is familiar with spreadsheets, this knowledge is leveraged by this package. It isn’t necessary to learn a completely new application like one would do if getting MS Project or some other project planning software that is more focused on building a schedule thnan on the entire project planning and management process.

The dashboards and reporting that are part of this package are what really sets it apart. They are configured and designed for use by both the project and business managers to gain insight and report progress from both tactical and strategic points of view.

A free trial of PMPackage® is currently being offered. Also, for a limited time, readers of this blog are eligible for a deep discount of only $45 for the package by entering coupon code “FRIENDSOFDAVE.”

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